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Getting Ready To Move:


A.K Packers & Movers

carefully pack all your things in our particularly premeditated moving boxes. We've got the whole thing covered – boxes, tape, paper, etc. Then if you like, we'll unload it all in your new residence too. 

Pack early! Time has a way of getting away from us and it will take on average 30-40 hours for an individual to pack their home
Keep a suitcase out separate to pack the items that you will immediately need upon arrival at your new home. It is a good idea to move them in your own car to insure they are readily available.
Have plenty of boxes, packing tape and magic markers on hand. If you can keep the boxes the same size for most of your items, you will reduce our loading time and your final bill. Please try to only mark fragile on the boxes that contain fragile items. We will be careful with all of them and need to know which ones to put on top.
Tape all boxes and containers. Double tape boxes that contain heavy items such as books ect…
Pack heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top and keep breakables separate from the heavy items. Always have an inch of cushioning between breakables.
Always slightly over pack boxes to improve strength. Make sure all boxes are closed and preferably taped shut.
Clothing is ok to leave in dressers, chests, nightstands ect.. but please remove loose items, breakables, weapons and ammunition.
 Have all electronics disconnected and if possible packed in their original boxes.
We cannot insure loose items that are not boxed! Lamps, accents, floral, pictures, mirrors, decorative items, electronics, ect… Need to be boxed in appropriate boxes to insure safe arrival in your new home.
Movers are not allowed to or equipped to disconnect or re-connect washers, dryers or gas appliances. Please have them disconnected, emptied and serviced by a licensed professional and ready to be moved prior to the mover’s arrival.
Please empty freezers and refrigerators. Defrost and dry them as well. This helps keep your items from water damage in the truck.
Please remove and pack separately the glass tray from your microwave.
Please prepare a list of items to be moved and give this to your movers when they come to load. Small boxed items do not need to be listed however any valuable items should be noted for the movers. Please keep an accurate count of the total number of boxes. This list will be used in the unlikely event of an accident and will be provided to your insurance company.


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We have Professional Expert Packers and Movers Team for Rapid Packing and Moving. We have warehouse and storage services and all proper equipment to carefully pack all your things in our particularly premeditated moving boxes. Our professionalism is uttered by our experienced stuffing crew to guard all of your possessions in a secure manner, our transportation space facilities Moving advisor answerable for your progress or move.

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