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Direct Shifting Company is a quality-assured company with many corporate branches at important cities of the country. We have an extensive network, a strong fleet vehicles and a committed team of people. We provide premier service to firm that deals in moving and packing of goods and specializes in large shipment services through air, water and land. We like to project ourselves as a professionally managed company with a team of highly dedicated, experienced and competent young members who religiously work for the satisfaction of our customer’s needs.

Active Packers & Movers is the one of the preferred name by providing professional services and household Items For Shifting, Flat Shifting, Home Shifting, Bungalow Shifting, Apartment Shifting, Complex Shifting, Society Shifting, Offices Furniture Computers And Chairs For Shifting. 

The Active Packers & Movers are pioneer in the field of shifting and relocation services and also well-known shifting firm located in Mumbai. We are providing door to door services in car carriers, transportation across the country. Escort and warehousing services providing at different place in Mumbai city at Andheri, Bhiwandi etc. All respective services are being insured by United India Insurance Ltd. 

Send us quote by mail at info@activepackandmove.com. As we serve our customers by providing free quotation within one hours.

Our major Services include: Packing, Loading, Moving, Unloading, Unpacking, Car Carriers Service, Door To Door Service, Storage & warehousing, Cargo Service By road, railway, airways all over the India with insurance.

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Corporate Relocation Services

Direct Shifting Company is probably amongst the most well renowned companies that is able to handle corporate relocations services with a professional attitude and ease, all the time ensuring that least amount of valuable time is lost in between shifting so that there is smallest amount of wastage of productive time. We understand that companies of corporate packers’ movers have to handle office moving in a highly organized manner which requires an extra level of expertise to handle the situation. That does not imply that domestic move is an easy process and can be handled efficiently by anyone; even that requires a lot of expertise, however for corporate shifting this becomes a mandatory requirement, as there are so many small and big items that need to be packed. The packing has to be done in such an effective manner that all items that belong together or to one area have to be packed together so that they can be easily unpacked and are operational in the least amount of time. That way Direct Shifting Companyrelocation offers very efficient services as everything pertaining to packing simply falls into place very effectively with our company. In fact the level of services offered by our company is so renowned that some of the well established multinational companies that have dealt with us have deemed our company as ‘being the best service provider company’ which has made the process of shifting go ‘so smoothly that we didn’t have to bother a bit about anything pertaining to relocation!.....Now that is what we call as good service’

International Relocation Services

Direct Shifting Company is a known name in the industry of packers’ movers, however the charisma and charm of our company is not limited only to the local boundaries of our country, but the acclaim of Direct Shifting Companyhas successfully conquered the international borders as well. It is for this reason our company is considered the most reliable name, when it comes to naming international packers and movers companies. The reason that can be attributed to the success of our company is the fact that we have a thorough understanding of the entire procedure that pertains to international movers and packers department. We know that there are innumerable legalities and procedures that need to be followed at the time of international packing moving and we are proud to state that we are fully equipped to handle all these things in a very professional manner. 

Domestic relocation services

Direct Shifting Company offers an unparalleled plethora of efficient domestic relocation services. In fact we have actually gained so much supremacy in this relocation regime that we are considered as the best service provider company for moving the good in domestic as well as corporate sector. We have had clientele that are so satisfied with our services that they totally entrust us with all their moving requirements and they have also recommended our company to any of their contacts that are moving. This has helped us to serve all out clients to our best capacities and thereby our list of satisfied clientele has increased commendably! 

Car Transportation Services

Direct Shifting Company services offer very reliable Car transportation services that ensure that your vehicle remains safe in the transit and is delivered right at your doorsteps all safe and sound and in very good condition. We take the guarantee of safe delivery of your vehicle as we have very efficient car carriers with us which makes it possible to have a speedy delivery of cars and other vehicles. The car trailers that we possess ensure that the cars that need to be transported are safely docked up in these trailers and are ready to be transported anywhere all over the country. The car transportation services rendered by our company are so flawless that it has become one of the most renowned companies that is available for safe vehicle transportation all over the country. 

Packers Movers Insurance Services

Direct Shifting Company understands that in spite of the fact that our company is very well known in the field of relocation, but every moving experience is unique in its own manner. There is always an incessant fear in the minds of the customers as to “what would happen to our goods in case they are not able to make it to their allocated destination safely?” and also “How much damage would be done to my expensive Chinaware dinner set?” These are some of the concerns that keep bothering the customers even though they know that we are capable of handling the goods very effectively and also there would be safety in the transit of goods. After having understood the human psyche with all the fears and apprehensions that engulf them, our company offers insurance coverage on the accidental mishaps that can hamper the integrity of the goods. We understand that though we offer a lot of surety to the people safeguarding their goods but there are some unwanted and unpredictable things that can happen; like accidents, fires, and disruptions due to thefts. Now this is not in our hands and it is not as if we could foretell the happening of such events. But in fact something like this can happen to anyone and anywhere. Therefore in order to avoid any kind of undue tensions in the minds of people we provide for insurance coverage to all the goods that are being transported from one location to another. This ensures that the pressure is taken out of the minds of people in terms of your apprehensions; so that you are able to concentrate on other important aspects pertaining to relocation.

Packing Unpacking Services

Direct Shifting Company has been deemed as a ‘one stop shop’ for all the moving requirements of all the people. Ours is a company that believes in giving unsurpassed and complete package services to all the companies. The service provided by us is undoubtedly top class and it has been commended as being the best in industry. We believe that in order to ensure that the goods reach their destination safe and fast it is mandatory to follow the packing regime in the best possible manner. For this reason we believe in having good quality cardboard boxes and also using good quality corrugated sheets in order to ensure that the goods would be packed in the best possible manner so that they would be able to reach their destination safely.

Loading Unloading Services

Direct Shifting Company has been attributed as being the most proficient company in terms of Relocation sector which has been guaranteeing 100% success rate at the time of relocations. We attribute our success to the professional approach and also to the fact that we follow the correct procedures at the time of packing and unpacking and also similarly also provide for excellent loading unloading services. Our team, mates are fully equipped with the right equipments that allow them to carry out the relocation process in an apt and a smooth manner. They have cranes, levers, pulleys and screwdrivers handy at their disposal so that they can use the same whenever need be. Having these things right at their disposal ensures that the process of moving, in terms of loading and unloading goes uninterrupted and they actually do not have to wait for these gadgets to appear for them to help to move. This kind of service further ensure that when doing the corporate relocation the process goes on very smoothly and there is least amount productive time that is lost in the transit period. As one can understand that doing the household and office moving, it is essential that the time lag is least as it would help to make everyone settle into the new regime very smoothly.


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